Monday, June 29, 2009

IOI Puchong, New Wing

Simple Teh Tarik Place menu goes well with the simple decorations and affordable pricing for everyone.
Once the view was a mining area and now, has turned into a natural lake with nice viewing of subang jaya and bandar sunway.
Diners are given preference to choose their seat either inside the restaurant or in an open air with natural lake viewing.
HB's Combo Meal Set as shown on pic 'nasi goreng kampung which means hometown's fried rice.Would say that the food tastes superb but edible at such a price in an air cond. atmosphere situated in the 3rd Floor of IOI Mall, New Wing.
PS ordered her share of maggi mee goreng for her dinner @ RM5.90. Meantime, HB and I had decided to order the Combo Meal Set. The mamak mee goreng comes along with a glass of 'teh ais' (meaning ice tea in English) or either 'kopi ais' (coffee ice). The Combo Meal Set are far more reasonable in pricing compared to the individual order.The price is only RM6.90
Teh tarik place might looks simply but it is cosy and relaxing. A suitable place to meet up with friends or having a meal with our loved ones.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Passport Malaysia

The actual look of the clothings placed in the plastic before vacuming was performed.
After vacumning the plastic from house or using hand pump in the hotel , the plastic will looks like the pic. This enables me to pack extra items, souvenirs bought from 0verseas in my luggage.
During my first passport expiry in 5 years ago, hardly recall any reminder from Jabatan Imigresen reminding us to renew our passport. Somehow, surprisingly, the Urusan Kerajaan arrived at my door steps last week.The contents was to remind us upon renewal onto the coming expiry date in order to travel.Very efficient of their work now.
Majority Malaysian owns his/her passport in this era in regardless of what age. Back to the memories lane, my siblings or others don't get to travel overseas though the school breaks started. May the school breaks be a week, two weeks or the longest i.e. seven weeks in the year end, still parents can't afford to bring their children aboard due to the expensive air fare. In this era, children are far more luckier. They has their own passport at young age, able to travel on plane and visiting places which older generation are not able and haven't been at all. PS was told repeatedly by many friends about how lucky she was being able to go for vacation on every holidays.No! HB and I weren't that lucky as PS during our younger age and only get to own our passport after we started working.These were the countries visited by the passport above: Year 2004:Singapore, Year 2005: Singapore,Bali,Indonesia,Year 2006: Singapore, Krabi,Bangkok,Thailand,Year 2007: Singapore,Haadyai,Thailand,Chiangmai, Thailand,Bali,Indonesia, Year 2008: Macau, Hongkong, China,Year 2009: to be fill soon.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sunway Pyramid outlet @ Bubba Gump

The second outlet in Malaysia opened in Sunway Pyramid after Ikano Power Station.All on Shrimps at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Smart of you, indeed it is the Bubba Gump's Menu for customers to place their order.Happy Dining and have a sumptous dinner.
What can you explain about 'Run Forest Run'?Very simple. Asking the staffs of Bubba Gump to get away from our dining table. Customers don't need them yet and not to be disturb because customers need privacy to dine.
Very systematic way to carry out their task. 'Stop Forest Stop' also means to get the staff to stop at the customer's table for assistance.
HB and PS were very helpful to be my models of the day.
First to arrive on our table is Cajun Shrimp. Consists of garlic bread and stir fried shrimps with garlic @ 21.90
Shrimper's Heaven comes with 4 popcorn shape filled with steam shrimps, tempura shrimps and fried shrimps. Also serving are small cold salads, fries and three different sauces @RM44.90
Bourbon Street Chic with shrimps, chicken,mashed potatoes and cheese melting@ RM28.90
Part of the decoration found in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.Noticed the same wording said by mama to Forrest in the movie.
The total billing for our sumptous dinner had in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Have you seen the movie 'Forrest Gump' before? If you do, then you can recall the part 'mama and Forrest sitting together on this bench while waiting for the school bus to arrive.'Mama always said Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get'
Stopped at Bubba Gump's souvenir shop and PS wanted to buy a badge as her souvenir.

Yeah! My share of Mother's Day was over in the month of May. HB and PS took me to a sumptous dinner at Anggerik Kuring (an indonesian restaurant) in Bandar Puteri.Sorry forgot to snap shot of the restaurant.

Father's Day fall on June 21th,Sunday. Hence, as usual PS and I decided to celebrate the meaningful occasion a day earlier to avoid the heavy crowd. Moreover, had informed HB about PS and I buying him dinner on June 20th in appreciation of all that he had done to us.Thank you HB!

Eagerly, three of us walked into Bubba Gump restaurant which speciality was only Shrimps.Yes! I just mentioned the word 'Shrimps' or in malay word 'Udang". PS and I have been shrimps lover in our lives.Therefore before we hardly placed our order, I knew that I'm going to enjoy my dinner tonight.

Let's not blog any further as this tribute was for HB. Being the best dad of PS since the day of her birth.'Happy Father's Day to You,Daddy' an expression from PS. Shots taken during our dinner as above and hoped you've an enjoyable time viewing it.

Colombia Asia Hospital

Dr Jurina was the first attending doctor to see PS on her admission to hospital. Hold your horses! I know what's on your mind. Dr Jurina was not short. She was sitting down on her chair where PS and I were standing besides her. A kind nurse was snapping the shot for the three of us. It was during PS follow up treatment in Dr Jurina's clinic.Blessed was PS, everything went smoothly and PS needn't have to go back for follow up anymore.Three Cheers to PS!
A friendly chap,Dr Megat,the ENT consultant for PS. It was a week after discharged from hospital and PS going back for her follow up to see one of her attending doctor,Dr Megat. PS had the endoscopes (method of examining the nose by using camera attached to display the images on monitors) performed on the chair that she's sitting on.Very high tech system used in medical centre on this era.The busy anaesthesia, Dr Loy which was indeed friendly, came to see PS and some encouragement of studying hard taking photo of rememberance.
Surgeon,Dr Yong with PS on her last day in the hospital.Hooray! PS was going back to home sweet home.
This is room 67A,first floor in Colombia Asia Hosp. The friendly nurse was holding Avamys Nasal Spray after spraying to PS due to her sinus. Avamys was not cheap with the charging price of RM90 by the hospital pharmacy. The room looked clean and tidy@ RM120 per night.Total stay was Apr 24th until 29th.Hence HB classified it as PS's five star hotel.

Up she goes onto the physiotherapy bed and waiting for the nurse to attend to PS. Another opportunity came for me to snap shot of PS in different angle. Oh no!PS was quick enough to cover her face. Seems to me, PS became camera shy. Too bad.

Experienced nurse patting PS on her back for 5 minutes.No,you're wrong.The nurse was not putting PS to sleep just like mothers patting their babies to bed but helped to release the phlegm from PS inside her body.After 5 minutes was over,PS needed to cough and thrown phlegm collected in her.I learnt something new from here too.Believe me, it works.
Floor looks shiny with maintanance twice per day.The physiotherapy room closes at 1700hrs.
Display of inpatient in Colombia Asia Hosp hung on the wall to help visitors to trace PS. Easy and convenient to look for the patient when it's considered the high end medical centre.So, wait no more, have you buy yourself or family medical card in order to stay here during times of emergency.You won't regret it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Antiques found in hometown

old bikes with dynamos which no longer found in bike shop
another ancient hand sew machine.not the best shot.
mom's wedding cabinet
This ancient jacob tin was used till 1990's
The new design of Jacob's tin on this era

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taiping, Perak @ parent's home

The house with brown sliding gate and lots of greenaries outside belongs to my parents in Tpg.

HB and collegue had to go to Gurun, Kedah for auditting purposes on June 10th. Since it is school holidays therefore HB suggested to drop PS and I in Taiping,Perak (hometown).Moreover, this is also the time for PS and me to have our rebonding with parents and grandparents and also uncle.

Left our Puchong house at 0700hrs to have our breakfast in Mamak (malay muslim) shop.Then at 0800hrs, after picking HB's collegue at the Subang Komuter, we started our journey to the north.HB dropped PS and I at mom's place after eating chendol in town.

Throughout my stay in Taiping, communicate with HB using gmail google talk. It is also the reason that HB bought the net book for me so urgently. On the other hand,while I'm enjoying using my net book, PS enjoyed herself asking her uncle to take her out by motorbike.At least, both of us did enjoy ourselves in our own way.

PS and I left Taiping on June 12th,Friday when HB and his collegue had completed their audit work. HB left Gurun during lunch time and reached mom's place at 1400hrs to pick PS and I back home.

Going back to hometown is always a joyous and blessed thing to do because our parents and others are waiting for us happily!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Berjaya Times Squares

HB and PS were enjoying themselves on the carrom board game held in Berjaya Times Square.

During the first Sunday June 7th, HB drove us to Low Yat Plaza to shop for a net book.We walked into all of the shop selling net book,checking for prices and lowest instalment plan before any final decision made.
We took the overhead bridge to cross over to Berjaya Times Square to further our survey.PS was the first among the three of us to spot the giant board games held on that day.She was so excited and headed for the giant board game as soon as we got our recent CH rafflesia photo to develop into 8R size.
As seen in photo, HB and PS were trying out the carrom board game eagerly while I was busy taking photos of other giant board games with participants.
Toward the end of day, we were back in Low Yat Plaza, in a shop named Thunder Match.After the long bargain in prices and instalment plan,HB finalized in purchasing the Lenovo 7 by 10 inches net book. White in colour.
I had given HB hint ages ago of wanting to own net book.What more that I've started blogging and chatting.So it gives me no excuse in owing my net book to work onto it easily.

Happenings in Kuala Lumpur

One of the giant snake and ladder game during Saidina Fun Week and monopoly game for anybody which were interest to join in.Held in Berjaya Times Square on June7th

Dim Sum as breakfast

Customers will be serve with any of the above selected dim sum after placing order.Sorry,non halal.

Dim Sum in Jalan Kuchai Lama

One of the cheapest dim sum to have for breakfast or lunch. My family also chooses Restoran Yan Yan A One when I craved for any kind of dim sum.

Wedding cum King's Birthday

Early last month, I could still recalled that HB informing me about attending a malay wedding invitation in Shah Alam but I didn't take it seriously.Then during the first week of school holidays, June 6th which was also a Public Holiday in collaboration with the King's Birthday,the mentioned wedding dinner took place in Dewan Banquet Cattleya, Tkt 4,Wisma PKPS,Persiaran Perbandaran,Shah Alam.

The wedding was between Edayu Seliza and Amirunizam.The bride is HB co chairman's daughter.The dinner time stated on the wedding invitation card reads as 2000hrs.Phew, it was a long wait that particular night for the dinner to start.Moreover, how can dinner be serve before the arrival of important and honourable invited guests and the bride and groom.

The time showed quarter past nine with the master of ceremony announcing the arrival of our very important and respected guest, Tun Abdullah Badawi and his wife,Tun Jeanne Abdullah.After taken their seats, the bride and groom followed suit. After the 'raja' and 'permaisuri sehari' (meaning being the king and queen of the day for the bride and groom) had been up stage on the pelamin, another half an hour for the merenjis air mawar time.Was performed by Pak Lah and wife and relatives too.

Finally, dinner was served. A quick glance at my watch, it's already 2145hrs. I could see that everyone were equally hungry as me.Surprisingly, the dinner ended by 2300 hrs and we headed for our home,Puchong Utama when most of the guests were still in the hall, waiting to have their hand shake with our ex Prime Minister and his wife.

An addition to my blog, PS and I found out that the wedding hall were also used by the celebrities such as Dato Siti Nurhaliza and Ning Baizuri for their wedding dinner.Though I'm not invited to the two famous celebrities dinner but I got to have wedding dinner in the same hall as Dato Siti Nurhaliza and Ning Baizura.


The 3cm appendicitis which was taken out from PS on 26 Apr'09 at 1500hrs

I'm back blogging again after those few days of rest. Wait for a moment, I'm not resting but I'm pretty busy with the preparation of school new term which just resumed on 15th June. Two weeks of free and easy life had drawn it's curtain.Parents,teachers,students and those which are involved are busy again.

As for PS, today is one month and eleven days after she was diagnosed of having appendicitis, sinus on dustmite allergy and not forgetting the operation done on 26 April at 1500hrs. PS had recovered beautifully and now, she's waiting for her 3 months of physical activities exemption to be over.

Having PS hospitalized for 5 days,I did snapped some photos of her with all her attending doctors,nurses plus her appendicitis shown by the nurse after her operation. The appenditicis was later taken to the laboratory out of the hospital for further investigation. Anyway, the results onto it has been announced by the surgeon to me that nothing was wrong during PS followed up, a week after the date of discharged from hospital.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celcom 3G Connection

June 10th,2009. (1840 hrs)

Got each pax belonging packed and off we go at seven in the morning happily heading for north, Taiping,Perak. According to the estimated time reaching Taiping by the GPS reading, the time will be 1100hrs. True enough, we touch Taiping Toll Plaza on the dot.

Now, Taiping is my hometown, birth place and not forgeting my daughter,PS too. Had my monthly pregnancy check up and even my caesareanrian section done in Taiping Medical Centre. Giving birth was affordable especially in a small town like Taiping during 1998 with 5 days stay accompanying by hubby at the rate of RM2500.

Back to the topic, HB left PS and I in M's place to continue their (his collegue and him)journey to Gurun, Kedah for their audit work. By leaving me in my hometown, it allows me to spend time with M and B. An opportunity for PS in her bonding with her grandparents and uncle.

BTW, blogging this took me several hours to get the line connected. 3 cheers to M for suggesting the right location for placing the modem.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Living Life To the Fullest!

Been taking life easy after PS's mid year examination was over. Anyway, I really needed a break after all the mixed emotion that I've been through when PS was hospitalized with virus infection, sinus and appendicitis. Somehow, all is over now and I'm leading my normal routine back without much tension or stress for this holidays.
Taking this opportunity to thank my friends which was there for me in my most needing moment. And also for you which has been filling my time through chatting plus sharing all the knowledge as a friend or mother to our child.
Well, there's still to write about my recent trip but not now as certain things are still under construction. Will try to share it as soon as I've got it fix.

Patience Leads to Success

Today is the second day entering for my blog creation and yet I've hardly found any solution to the blog problem. Though my blog had been created with photo enclosure but it can't be view from the website. Oh gosh! what am I supposed to do? Patience, patience and even more patience which would only solve the problem.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Not so sure whether it's going to be a success or not but I'm sure glad that I've made it this far for creating my own blog. It is my ever first attempt into trying out something like this. Recently, for the past couple of days ago, I seems to be encountering new things in life.

First was going up to CH without expecting that we will be ended up into the jungle trekking for viewing the third largest flower in the world i.e. rafflesia.

Feels great for archieving things with own will power as the saying goes when there's a will, there's always a way!