Monday, December 20, 2010

Seoul,Winter Wonderland-Day 4 (Part 7)

15th December 2010

Being seated in the waiting hall, hubby surfed as I looked on to see what's on the screen.

Due to boredom, PS occupied her time by doing own shot.
The scene of Incheon airport at night. Air Asia X had reached.
Our boarding Gate no 113 to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The flight attendants were getting ready before calling the passengers to board the plane.
Our flight to Kuala Lumpur at 23:20hours by Air Asia X D72683
The time hung shown 22:26hours. It's nearing to boarding time.
Passengers to Kuala Lumpur, please board Gate No 113 D72683
All ready to go and a queue was formed.
Time to say Goodbye to Incheon airport.
Yup, bye Incheon, bye Seoul.
Remaining passengers were seated for their respective flights.
We're heading home. We had a nice trip here .
So am I, enjoyed my Winter in Seoul.
One more, the last shot before the escalator reached the bottom for the gate to board the Air Asia X. A memorable holidays! Touched down in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur on 16th December 2010 at 0500hours.

Seoul,Winter Wonderland- Day 4(Part 6)

15th December 2010

Going up the escalator to our destination.

Saw these yam plants on our way to board our plane.
Lots of Christmas decorations to enhance the mood.
This shot on standing up.
Good service in Incheon airport, resting place are provided during waiting time before boarding.
There's more to these waiting area being provided by the Incheon airport.
Very high tech building too.
Can't resist the build up.
On my way to head for the gate.
PS was asked to pose for some last photos of Incheon airport.
Hubby had his share of photo too.

Seoul,Winter Wonderland-Day 4(Part 5)

15th December 2010

The timing was right for us after dinner when the Air Asia just opened it's ticketing counters. Crowd were building up.

The check in gate.
After passing through the custom, we took our time dropping by the Duty Free shops.
Long way before heading for the final gate.
We need to get over to the lighted building by shuttle train to board our plane.
Down the escalator to the shuttle train.
Shuttle train platform.
Hubby and I gave PS her chance to brush up on photographing.
Hubby wanted to pose himself.
Yup, inside the shuttle train which will bring us to the other side of Incheon airport.
We purposely choose to stand at the end of coach to see the speed of the train.
On the move....

Seoul,Winter Wonderland- Day 4(Part 4)

15th December 2010
Plenty of time to kill before boarding the flight. We took our time to walk round the beautiful Incheon Airport.

Okay, one more family photo before we stepped onto the escalator.
A flower garden was awaiting there.
View down from the garden.
I walked to the garden to get a personal photo.
PS with her style.
Middle part of Incheon and we walked straight on.
Before we proceed, the outside view is as shown.
Some passengers upon arrival.
Mom and daughter.
The escalator will brings us to the fast food, McDonald located on the ground floor.

Dining in McDonald's as our dinner .
Bulgogi burger and french fries.
Some decorations for Christmas in Incheon Airport.
Bought these food with the leftover of Korea currency.