Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jakarta, Indonesia:- Day 5

24th October 2010

The holidays had finally come to an end. Yup, the last day had approached. Departed from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 14.59hours and reached LCC Teminal at 17.50hours by using Air Asia.
24th October 2010 meant the last day in Jakarta, Indonesia. Took a cab to the airport after noon.
Reached the Soekarno Hatta-International Airport.

Hubby ate the above food for his lunch at the airport in Solaria restaurant.
Yeah....after the long queue for checking-in but still a long way to walk.
Another shot here for PS, Far to go as the sign reads E1 till E7 to walk straight.
Mom and daughter posing together.
Am I there yet to board the plane?
Very soon. The signboard for Gate D was right ahead only. A few steps more to go.
Sure a long walk to board a plane. Wondered how the elderly cope with it?
Had chicken satay on board of Air Asia.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


23rdOctober 2010

Another morning, I had woken up in Smart hotel, Jakarta. Breakfast will only be served at 9.00 a.m thus we utilized the time by taking personal photos.

PS simply likes to sit on the bar railing whenever she got hold of the chance.
High rises view once the curtain were drawn.

All geared up to start the day of exploring the city.
Not much traffic yet,early bird catches the worm.
Watching out for the car to walk across.
The air was fresh but polluted later of the day.
So peaceful and calm on the number of cars this hour.
The shopping complex wasn't fully operating yet.
Posing on the ground floor of Matahari Shopping Complex.
Break time at Honeymoon Desert outlet.
PS was waiting to enjoy the mango pudding in front of her eyes after the shot.
Ice skating rink under renovation.
Our lunches and turned out to be most satisfying.
Fish ball wrapped in wantan skin.
The restaurant were fulled of chinese adult and children. A birthday party was going on.
Birthday bash for a chinese boy whom turned one year old.
Bakmi GM, halal and most recommended place to eat after we had ours.
Hurry, this way please! The TransJakarta bus was approaching.

Jakarta,Indonesia:- Day 4(Part1)

23rd October 2010

The usual schedule of the previous day. Taking a rest in the hotel room until almost dinner time. We walked from the Smart hotel all the way to the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Our second night, having dinner at the same venue but not complaining.

Our last evening in Jakarta.
It's almost dark and many cars were making their way to it's destinations.
Straight on and we will dine at one of the shop.
Decided to havean Indonesian food before we leave for Malaysia.
Wow, not for those which can't eat spicy food which is me. I'm having hard time in eating the food. Somehow I made it through.
Walked to the Grand Indonesia and walked back to the Smart hotel again. PS and I were so exhausted that we couldn't wait to jump into our bed.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jakarta,Indonesia,Day 3(Part2)

22nd October 2010

Times flies and it had entered the third day of my holidays in Indonesia. By 0500hours, I had woken up from bed as usual with the similarity of time @ 6.00am in Malaysia. By that hour, the sky was already bright.

The view were full of skyscrapers.
Another hectic day ahead of us. Relax!!! let's take a shot for remembrance.

From the Smart hotel, we walked up the pedestrian bridge to take the TransJakarta bus at the center.
Noticed the traffic was getting busier.
The bus platform level was higher than normal.
Changes of look from different eras for Bank Mandiri Museum (Jakarta).
The museum was being part of Batavia (former name for Jakarta) old city.
Main floor of the Mandiri Bank Museum for transactions on those days.
The Jakarta History Museum .
Front view of Jakarta History Museum. It was noon time and the Sun was burning hot.
Row of bicycles for rental at the back scene nearing the buildings.
Taken from inside the History Museum.
Keeping up with PS fast pace.
Antiques display.
Another valuable piece of art.
Tired faces due to the hot sunlight and 1km distance to walk to the next destination.
Instead, hubby was energetic into reaching the port,next destination.
Sundra kelapa harbour in Jakarta is at present a fisherman's wharf and an inter island port.
Formerly where the Portuguese traded with the Hindu Kingdom of Pajajaran in early 16th century. Also better known as Pasar Ikan aka Fish Market.
Tiresome, three of us boarded a vehicle called tuk tuk in Jakarta to a shopping mall in ChinaTown.
The shopping mall were filled with varieties of cheap products.
Nasi Ikan Lele i.e. sudanese food as part of our lunch at the food court in the shopping mall.
A Chinese temple spotted on the opposite road as we were heading for the TransJakarta bus.
Regardless of what was the time, there's massive traffic jam.
The TransJakarta bus terminal were packed like sardines. Heading to the Smart hotel.