Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tianjin Morning Walk (Day 6)

12th Nov 2011

Last day of the trip, as usual, we had our breakfast for instant noodles in the hotel room. Then we hurried down to walk around Tianjin before we call it a 6 days trip in China. The big clock was situated nearby the hotel we stayed.
The tallest building in Tianjin.
The morning breeze was cold and windy.
Only the air was not fresh but dusty.
Funny smell along the river, smelled like urinate.
We posed for three times for this shot. HB's head could not be seen.
There's bridal wedding photos shooting down along the bridge.
The camera felt down during this shot because HB knocked against the railing.
Other scenic in Tianjin.
And more....
The cycling and driving lane are individually. Further down is Parkson Supermarket.
Tianjin's statue.
The sunlight was glaring but the breeze was colder than Beijing.
What was PS smiling at?
Where had all the vehicles gone to?
Famous dumpling in Tianjin. Located down the hotel.
The look of the dumpling shop.Clean and neat.
PS had chicken noodles soup as her lunch before we leave for the airport.
Tianjin Binhai International Airport.
Very neat airport.
Flight to Malaysia at 1550 hours, flight no D7313.Was an enjoyable trip!
PS was engrossed with the I Pad while HB felt asleep.
On board in Air Asia flight to Malaysia. Home sweet home!

Tianjin trip ( Day 5)

11th Nov 2011

After a short break, we took " tuk tuk" to Tianjin Bell Tower. It cost only 10 yuan per ride.

3 wheels vehicle.
Tianjin building looked like being in western country.
The road to Tianjin Bell Tower.
Bronze sculptures in Tianjin.
These sculptures are widely found in China.
Yes, another difference sculptures poses.
Rickshaw again, same as in Wangfujing Street.
Tianjin Bell Tower.
Stalls beneath the Bell Tower.

Nice to see, nice to buy.
Run down church in Tianjin.
Modern and high rises building found every where.
Unique traffic light.
There's Parkson in Tianjin too but it's very hazy and dusty.

Beijing back to Tianjin (Day 5)

11th Nov 2011

Saw that the train was approaching to bring us to Beijing South Station. Used the last coach as easier to get in and off with luggage.
Beijing South Station. Very modern.Travelling by speed train to Tianjin.
Inside the speed train.
Tianjin hotel which we put up for a night for 11.11.11
The washroom was rather small and limited.