Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adios Hermit Crab

Few months ago, an additional aquarium was being bought. No, no, it's not for fishes but for the three hermit crabs that we bought. Found the hermit crabs interesting and that's how the whole thing started. The aquarium needed to be fill with salt water all the time. Last week, the smallest hermit crab's body was found half way out of it's shell. The truth was, the hermit crab was dead.Sob,sob,sob.......

Now, the reminder of two hermit crabs, the white shell (biggest with purple body) and spotted black shell .Others are empty shells for the hermit crabs to change to new shell.
Closer look of the reminding hermit crabs. The white hermit crab is my favourite.
Take note of the three hermit crabs. The yellow white spot was the one which deceased.
The actual look of the hermit crab without it's shell. Nearing the end of the hermit crab body was soft and the head was hard.
Deceased hermit crab with it's body and former shell.
The two turtles on the other aquarium. Turtles are great eater and by the look of it, we know that it is.
Besides being in water, the turtle are given the options to be on dry surface too.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Holidaying in Damai Laut, 27/8/11

(Part 1 of school holidays)

HB booked a night stay at the Damai Laut resort months ago as our last entitlement with Swiss Garden. Left our house, the following day after the school holidays started. As planned, stopped by at the Leaning Tower, Teluk Intan for lunch i.e. the famous chee cheong fun.

The famous Leaning Tower in Teluk Intan.
Teluk Intan's style of chee cheong fun.
The scenic view from the Damai Laut resort's lobby.
Sipping the welcome drink while waiting for the room to be ready.
Big imitation iguana on the wall as part of the resort's deco.
Photo session time after waiting for too long.
PS with her hands gesture.
HB patiently killing the time by reading the newspaper.
A fishing boat which looked like being sunk.
PS favourite part in the hotel room.
Hotel roaming time.
Beach priority before the sunset.
After strolling the beach, heading for the pool.
Views taken from the pool.
Dinner time. Was slightly feverish and ordered coconut to cool me down.