Friday, August 28, 2009


Day 5, 26th Aug 2009
It was the last day of our trip and we drove around Tawau town. Saw the loading of goods into the passengers boat. The boat ferry the passengers to the opposite island, Kalimantan, Indonesia.
PS and I took a pix of what was left from the World War II, Menara Loceng aka Bell Tower.
Menara loceng aka Bell Tower has lost it's bell. What was remained was the standing wooden tower.
Bell Tower was built by the prisoners in the year 1918.
By 11.30am, we were back in the hotel room resting. Our checked out time was delayed to 1.00pm therefore HB spend his time by surfing the internet using free wifi.
As for PS, smiling on the bed and willingly posing for me to put into my blog.
Before leaving the MB Hotel, asked the hotel staff on food recommendation. Was directed to eat in Siang Siang Pan Mee aka Flour Noodle with anchovies and sliced mushroom soup.
Two bowl of tradisional pan mee and a bowl of yee mee. Soya cincau for me, Red Guava juice for PS and Ais Tea for HB. The meal was scumptous. Decided to leave for airport after lunch at 3pm.
Fastfood W & L found in Tawau town.
Rows of kampung houses in Tawau.
Vendor selling variety of fruits. Similarly to durian were hung for sale but mistaken as it's buah tarap, earlier bought in Semporna market.
After the 35km drive from Tawau town, we reached the junctiion of Welcome to Semporna on the right and direction to Tawau on the left.
We were nearby the airport as shown by the signboard.
The rented Kancil car was parked in the airport terminal to be returned to it's owner.
The Air Asia plane has reached Tawau airport. Be leaving for Kuala Lumpur at 1800 hour flight. After two hour and 45 minutes on board, the plane touched down in LCCT at 2045 hours. Raining cats and dogs in LCCT.
Had additional ramadan satay special @RM10 besides the online booking for nasi lemak and two hot dog as dinner on board.It had been an interesting and wonderful trip during the 5 days. My next trip will be Taiwan in December, 2009.

Semporna Island & Tawau

Day 4, 25th Aug 2009
Pix taken from Backpackers Lodge's room. Along the road was Seafest Hotel.
The jetty which ferries us to island hopping for the past two days.
After breakfast, we decided to walk to the back of Backpackers Lodge to witness some fish transaction between buyers and sellers.
Plenty of fishes were loaded from the fishing boat into the yellow containers and poured into the lorry for it's destination.
A fisherman posing his big fish caught from the sea.
Commuters were waiting for the water taxis.Located next to the fish market.
Commuters are walking toward the water taxis to take them to their destinations.
PS and I were looking at the buah tarap as it's look resembled jack fruit.
Buah tarap could only be found in Sabah and not in Kuala Lumpur. This particular fruit has a strong smell of kerosene.
The white topiaca paste are largely found here and here in Sabah. Been Sabahan favourite.
Pix taken outside the fish market in Semporna Island.
Inside view of the fish market in Semporna.
Cuttlefish for sale.
Colourful reef fishes were part of the sales.
Inner side of the fish market were water taxis depot.
Bazaar selling clothes were part of the market but not well organized and poor walkway.
Another pix taken before reaching for the Kancil car.
Mabul Cafe closed during daylight.
HB bought the buah tarap from the market and opened in the Backpacker's room to be tasted.
Closer view of buah tarap. I tasted one of them and not to my taste. HB and PS liked it.
After checking out from Backpackers Lodge in Semporna, HB drove 110km to Tawau . Before turning to Tawau town, wanted to visit the Cocoa Museum . The way leading to it was 20km uneven road.
After the 20km of uneven road, we saw the man-made cocoa.
To conclude, we finally reached the desired place 'Teck Guan Cocoa Village' but was not allowed in by the guard because it turned out to be the cocoa estate but not the Museum Cocoa.All of the eagerness and time were wasted.Later, HB was told that there's an entrance fee of RM100 to visit the Museum Cocoa. Hence, we just dropped the plan.
Upon reaching Tawau town, we decided to check in to MB Hotel. It was the second highest building after Promenade Hotel in Tawau.
MB Hotel's lobby. The hotel is located at Jalan Masjid, Tawau, Sabah.
Took the room overseeing the Celebes Sea.
MB's hotel room at the rate of RM120 per night. Two twin beds.
Also a comfortable and clean bathroom.
Blueish view taken from the room.
Many catholic churches are seen in Tawau.This wooden church are found in the rural area.
Tawau Hills Park was closed upon arrival.
Monkeys were swinging around the branches nearby the Tawau Hills Park.
On our way back to town, spotted another catholic church again.
The recommended famous seafood corner in Tawau town.
Didn't dine in because the seafood pricing are more expensive than Kuala Lumpur.
Had our simple dinner at Restaurant Kong Yung. One row besides MB Hotel left.Walking distance.
Surprising,the food were edible, delicioius and cheap. It cost only RM6.00 each. Ordered taufu, fish meat and chicken meat.The total amount was RM19.00 including 3 glasses of chinese tea.