Saturday, May 22, 2010

H1N1 Anti Virus

22nd May 2010

Hubby and I went to Klinik Petaling, Batu 14 to get the H1N1 Anti Virus injection on 7th May during ten minutes to lunch. We wanted PS to get the injection too but because she was not qualified from getting the jab thus PS was omitted from it. The H1N1 injection could only be given to those which is 18 years old and above.It then happened a week ago, we found out that there's a vaccine available for PS. The name of the vaccine is Vaxigrip. This evening, we drove PS to Clinic Alam Medic in Taman Tasik Prima after her intensive class.

A lady doctor, Dr Suguna whom will be injecting the Vaxigrip for PS.
Vaxigrip, the influenza vaccine.
H1N1 like strain.The cost is RM80.00
Only a short needle.
PS was given the Vaxigrip injection.
Firmly seated, the injection was inserted into PS's hand.Bravo...

SKPU2, Majlis Dialog 2

22nd May 2010

SKPU2 held the majlis dialog aka council dialogue for the second time of the year after it's first meeting in January 2010. The difference was for today's dialogue meeting, the invitation were opened for parents of Year 6 Zamrud and 6 Permata. Furthermore, the purpose of the 2nd meeting was to discuss how to get the children to score 5A's in the coming UPSR and to tackle each problem arises either at home or in school.

Front cover of the Majlis Dialog prepared by Madam Yasotha.
Details of the meeting and participants are found on the program book.
Seated: Puan Asma Aini, PIBG, En Mokhatar,Puan Norhamizar and Puan Naznee.

Overall result from March 2010 from Year 6 students.
The numberer scorer.
Cikgu Ikmal explaining to the questions brought up by parents. Cikgu Rozali was looking down.

Monday, May 17, 2010

SKPU2, Bengkel Teknik Menjawab UPSR, Part 2

16th May2010

Entering the second day of the parents motivation day. Attended a parental talk by En Zaid Mohamad. The session lasted until 4pm and adjourned to the school hall to meet up with the children.
En Zaid Mohamad explaining the ways to tackle children.
The motivation talk were attended by huge group from Year 6. PS wore yellow t-shirt seated on the front row.
Puan Nadnee giving her closing speech to the Year 6 students.
A few more sentences were told to the students before it session came to an end.
Students were paying attention to the speaker.
End of the motivation talk, parents started to go home.
PS and Azimah, PS's classmate's mom.
Azimah and I taking a shot of SKPU2

Skpu2, Bengkel Teknik Menjawab UPSR , Part 1

15thMay 2010

Motivation and workshop weekend for the Year 6 students in SKPU2. Girl students are in queue for respective registration. After the registration,students proceeded to the school hall for the motivation talk and workshop organized by THAQIF.
Boy students did their share of registration too.
While the children were having their motivation talk, parents are warming up doing aerobic. Look at the style. In between two parents was Puan Asma Aini, the school GPK for Co-Curriculum.
Doing the body exercises.
The aerobic instructor leading the parents.
More actions on the aerobic.
Another one of move the body gesture.
There were parents too looking at the aerobic session.
Morning break time, fried noodle, curry chicken, cakes, roti jala were served.
Parents were seated down eagerly waiting for the motivation talk to begin.
The meeting room aka bilik wawasan.
Friendly parents were present too with daughter.