Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cameron Highland @ August 2011

(Part 2 of school holidays)

After check out from the Damai Laut Resorts on 28th August, we stopped at Sitiawan town for the famous chendol. Besides the chendol stall, spotted these extremely large jackfruit. Then, we started our next destination to Cameron Highland.

The Bharat Tea plantation in Cameron Highland. View from the top.
We've made it to the top of the hill.
Tomyam and chicken soup steamboat at Mayflower restaurant for our dinner.
The whole day was raining cats and dogs. The atmosphere during the night @ 16 celcius. Freezing cold for Malaysia.
HB was surfing at the garden of the guest house with the cooling weather.
The cheap and reasonable guest house which we always stayed when holidaying in Cameron Highland.
During our last stop, although it's raining, we don't mind to have a shot with the huge sunflower.
The huge sunflower.Only can be found in cold area like Cameron Highland.

Dining at TGI Friday's (17.09.2011)

HB redeemed two vouchers of RM50 from his Standard Chartered points. One of the voucher was for Tai Thong Restaurant whereby the other was for T.G.I Friday's. Not so keen dining at TGI Friday's but since PS been bugging to dine there so HB decided to allow her to try the food for her satisfaction.

Kids eat for free in regardless which day you dine at TGI Friday's. PS was not ready for her shot yet.
The kid's meal, recommended by the friendly waitor. Tasted nice.
While waiting for the food, PS was busy surfing from her handphone with the free WIFI.
Of course, HB never missed his chance in surfing too as I posed for PS to take shot.
The scene of the surrounding. It was crowded at the front part of the restaurant thus we were seated at the Italiannies, also the link chain to TGI Friday's.
Yeah, everyone loves Fridays.
Sizzling chicken and Shrimp @ RM33.90
South macoroni and cheeze @ RM 24.90
PS enjoyed the last bite of the kid's meal.
The total bill summed up to RM68.30 and after deduction of the RM50 voucher, including the 10% Service charge and 6% Gov Tax, we needed to pay RM29.25

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Playground slide

Due to vandalism during the holy month, someone must had made a complaint. It was on the UPSR week that I realized these men walking towards the slide to demolish parts of it. The part which was vandalise or to be more exact, it was burnt till a hole was blue in colour.

Workers were trying to dismantle the part of vandalise slide.
The vandalise part was blue in colour.
Notice, the newly changed part of the slide which was pink in colour.
Kiddos gets to play at the slide once again. And hopefully, there's no more vandalism.

Skylight installation

Had installed the skylight on the side of the porch in replacement of the ruined pergola the previous time. On 15th June, as neighbour was doing their house renovation, installing the skylight on their front porch thus we had our front porch being installed too. The main purpose was to cover HB's car from shine or rain.

The look of the front porch before installation.
Workers started to measure the length before nailing the wood permanently.
The plank looked heavy and needed two workers to hold onto it.
Okay, all the wood frames were in the positions.
The skylight will looked like that in position.
Closer look at the wood frames.
Looked simple but not an easy job for common people.
The polycarbonate awning was put onto the wood frames.
Closer look at the polycarbonate awning aka skylight. Now, my front porch is being cover from the sunlight.