Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding dinner in Overseas Restaurant.

As we were the early birds for the wedding dinner hence we've chosen to dine at table number 7. The dinner were only for relatives so there's no special allocation needed.Yes, the table for the night was number 7.

Be dining at this table number for the whole dinner.
Many invited relatives were late due to the location of the restaurant. HB, Seng and Lee Mei were among the relatives seated on table number 7.
The menu of food served.
Moon cake was served as an appetizer.
Four hot and cold combination.
Braised Shark's Fin soup with crab meat.
Roasted Suckling Piglet in Hong Kong style . Sorry not halal.
An interruption for the bride and groom to open the bottle of champagne.Bottom ups.
Pan fried tiger prawns with cereal and oats.
Glutinous rice Hong Kong style.
Group photo with bride,groom and Mr and Mrs Sunny Ang. Pix taken with flash.
Pix difference as photo taken without flash.

Cherished moment together.

March 13th, 2010

All of us were in Overseas Restaurant with the same purpose, attending Yee Wee and Ming Ming happiest moment in their lives when both lives had decided to tie a knot as one. Besides the couple being happy, as relatives, we were feeling top of the world too. Therefore on the happiest times, we wouldn't miss the opportunity to take pix together as remembrance.

Self, Dandelion Yeap, Aunt from JB, Ong Lay Hua ( Dandelion's mom) and none other than Charmaine Tan PS in white.

Cousin from JB, Chien Ewe, Evelyn Yeap and same as mentioned above.
As standing: Ong Sin Yi, Charmaine Tan PS while seating are Lee Mei and self.
Dandelion Yeap and her grandma.
Torn between two roses.
Evelyn Yeap and Donnell Yeap with wifey in front entering the reception hall.A far was Mr Sunny Ang in coat ( groom's dad).
Charmaine Tan PS shaking hand with bride and acknowledging to groom. Receiving ang pow aka red packet containing cash in return.
All sort of gestures before dinner started.
Charmaine Tan PS, Chan Cheng Gin, self, Ong Lay Eng and Lee Mei.

I Do, I Do

March 13rd,2010

My nephew from Singapore, Yee Wee weds Ming Ming on the 28th February, 2010. Their wedding ceremony took place in Singapore but due to the residing of relatives in Malaysia thus dinner was specially held on 23rd March, 2010 in celebration of Yee Wee and Ming Ming for tying a knot.The wedding reception dinner was held in Overseas Restaurant in Jaya Ones at Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya.

Names of the newly couple and parents were displayed on the main entrance for relatives information.
The wedding reception hall for Yee Wee and Ming Ming.
Bride and groom's seating table were specially designed and decorated on their special day.
The wedding cake and champagne.
This is the bride ( Soo Ming Ming ) and groom ( Ang Yee Wee). The lady in white and blur image is Yee Wee's mom aka Mrs Sunny Ang. May the young newly wed couple cherish, take care and be with each other in times of trouble and joy till the end. Congratulation to them and Mr and Mrs Sunny Ang.

Dinner Gathering

March 12th,2010

Drove to Aman Suria from Puchong Utama despite the massive traffic jam due to the trial contra flow along the LDP at the IOI Mall. It was the night of reunion gathering organized by a friend.Murni Discovery from SS2 opened a branch in Aman Suria offering many nice food and drinks too. One of it's signature food is the fried rice with soft shell crabs and the signature drink is the blended Ribena.


Discovery Murni in Alam Suria's atmosphere is much better compared to SS2.
Sasha Lim saying peace in her sign language to everyone.
Variety food are found on the table. Yummy, yummy.
All men are seated at one corner doing what the men needed to do.

Easy Kiosk

It was February 28th which we decided to have our breakfast at the Old Town Kopitiam. When our body were filled with food, we walked along the shops heading to Easy Kiosk by RHB in Dataran Bandar Puteri. My first attempt into entering the Kiosk. I was impressed by the facilities provided and thus would like to make known of it.

The front view of Easy Kiosk by RHB.
Two RHB Auto Teller Machines and KWSP aka Employees Provident Fund statement machine. KWSP statement could easily be printed and check from here instead of going to the Head Quarter in Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur. Simple and fast banking too.
As written, the machine will be available daily from 9.00am till 9.00pm
Another shot from outside looking in the kiosk.Hope that the kiosk is user friendly.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MyKad Application

February 25th 2010

In Malaysia, kids which turn 12 years old must apply for their identity card ( I.C ) which is known as MyKad in malay.The regulations for applying IC can only be done on the date of birth or given 30 days grace period from the birthday of applicant.Thus those parents which fails to accompany their child to have their I.C process will receive a penalty.Items to bring along for applying for MyKad are original copy of Birth Cert and a photo copy of birth cert.

JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) logo.
After PS's extra class and shower, HB drove the both of us to JPN (1.2km from my house). Upon opening the door at 2pm, queue were formed to get their respective number. The number 1119 meant that there's 10 person ahead of me before my turn.Took PS to the neighbouring shop to have a quick bite. The counter were attending to number 1117 as I made my way back to JPN.
The JPN staff was friendly and commented that I wrote the actual postcode 47140 instead of 47100. She was browsing through the application form filled.
Front page of the form to fill in the applicant's name and address.
Applicant form was filled at the Mamak store while waiting for the roti canai to arrive.
Pix taken not satisfying therefore I took snap of two more as above.
This section is for the parents or guardian. After completion of the declaration, signature is needed as prove of parental relationship.
The flow chart of MyKad in JPN.
Replacement of lost I.C for 1st time RM110, 2nd time is RM210 and as follow is RM310. Penalty of late application at 12years old and after 30 days grace period is RM11.00
A slip will be given after the MyKad completion process.It then followed by snapping of photo at the last corner . After a month's time, applicant is able to own MyKad by bringing the slip to JPN for collection.Any representatives are allow to collect MyKad on behalf.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yearly CNY lunch

February 21st 2010

Drove over to Bandar Sunway to pick Aunt and cousin, Peter for the appointed lunch. It's our second year of having lunch together during the Chinese New Year . The eating venue also remained the same and none other than Restaurant Yan Yan One at Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Cheers , let's enjoy the delicious dim sum.
What are we waiting for? Start eating before the food finishes.
Aunt and PS getting the table rounding.
Looking at me for another perfect shot. Wow, the cheap dim sum too.
Three musketeers, aunt, PS and me.
HB and Peter having a great time with their lunch. Decided to have pix taken with the two men as shown below.