Saturday, October 31, 2009


There's a saying ' All good things will come to an end ' This pergola which had provided good shades for all these years came to its life span on Saturday afternoon. A contractor living next to my place, was informed to re construct the new pergola.
Three quarterly collapsed pergola could fall anytime and cause injury to human lives.
The considerate contractor send his worker to demolish the collapsed pergola for safety purposes. Re constructing of new pergola will start on other day. After the pergola was completely taken off, the area looked extremely bright.

Dressing to be changed

We set our journey to Old Klang Road at half past ten this morning.It was after the heavy rain. Due to the uncertainty whether the shop is still operating on our visit yesterday therefore I didn't took any photo of it. On my arrival today, I managed to take the shop's signboard before stepping into the shop.
The signboard reads loud and clear about the type of treatment.
Old photos were hung along the wall.
HB took up the Package 1, first to seven days application @ RM350 which the pricing is at RM315 after the deduction from the promotion.Because of the severe fractured on his chest, HB needs to have 2 applications for a week.
Spotted a row of containers along the hall way covered with red clothes. It must be the self made herbs used for treatments.
HB went early for the dressing of application so that he needn't have to wait that long.
The lady was seen preparing the herbs application when the patient arrives. The application will be handed to the sinseh aka physician to be paste onto the patient's injury part.
The contents inside the red tumbler was powder. Not just any ordinary powder but made from herbs. The powder was transfer accordingly to the pot and reheat for application.
Today, the sinseh aka chinese physician is applying the herbs onto HB's back. His back are found swollen too.
The next application was the top front of the right chest.
More application on the lower abdomen.
Finally, the whole body was covered with herbs application.

Seeking treatment from Chinese sinseh aka physician

Third time of re visiting Sunway Hospital after HB was discharged. Moreover, it's exactly a week after his discharged. The purpose was to get the surgeon's signature and a bit of filling up onto the insurance form for claiming purposes. But to our dissappointment, lots of procedure needed to be follow. Firstly, went to Lower Ground to submit the insurance claim form then was told by the staff that it will be ready by a week's time which is the fastest. Furthermore, HB will have to pay about RM100 to get the signature and insurance claim filled by the Sunway Hospital. Money, money and money!!!! Aren't there anything else rather than just money?After our breakfast in the cafe at Level 2, HB and I decided to go along Old Klang Road, in Kuala Lumpur to seek chinese treatment for his right side of chest. HB felt the pain on his right side of the chest getting unbearable.
It wasn't difficult for us to seek for the shop which treats fractures in chinese medication.Soon enough we found ourselves back in Puchong after being treated and applied herbs medication from the sinseh aka physician, Yap Chan Kor.Very friendly man and English spoken if we can't communicate in Mandarin.
Besides almost the whole chest applied by the chinese medication, HB are not allowed to eat certain 'cooling' food and not to drink tea. In regardless of English tea, Chinese tea, Green tea or Teh Tarik, all of these tea are forbidden.Forbidden food will be watermelon,water spinich, celery, duck, durian, radish, jack fruit, coconut.
HB's office work are piling up in his office table. The total days of HB's MC was two weeks. So HB can't afford to apply for any leave to renew the expired passport. Hence, we drove to the Imigresen in Putrajaya to renew the passports for December trip to Taiwan. Somehow, I'm still thinking, is HB prepare to go for foot vacation? Sigh.....
HB's mountain bike which parked under the pergola needed to shift for reconstruction.
Reconsctruction on the collapsed pergola in the garden.

The pergola had collapsed when we were out during the afternoon. What a coincident that HB collapsed a week before and followed by the pergola collapsing a week after.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lost and Found

As HB had lost his handphone during his recent cycling accident, thus a new handphone was found as his favourite in the market. Hence, the Samsung i900 Omnia was purchased. Multi function are found in this model. Besides HB choosing Samsung i900 Omnia, I fancy it myself. Wonder if this Samsung model is user friendly as my present Sony Ericsson.Though my Sony Ericsson handphone is not that updated as compared to Samsung i900 Omnia but it had served HB well during the transition.

Besides that, before HB fully utilize his new handphone, I will be keying the contact numbers to the Samsung i900 Omnia. HB's right hand is not convenience for long movement because his rib bones nearing his chest aches badly.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Better Tomorrow

HB's follow up with the Dental Surgeon was on October 26th in the Sunway Hospital on the 1st Floor. The appointment time was at 12noon. HB was there mainly because of the removal of stitches on his eyebrow during his operation.

This Dental clinic looks clean and tidy. But how about the dental rate?
HB's appearance looks much better compared to last Wednesday after the surgery. HB is recuperating well at home and hopefully everything will be back to normal. Normal in cycling ? It's a big question and HB will know better than anyone.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

GPS Phone to replace the old.

When searching for HB's Nokia Handphone was in vain hence, HB decided to try his luck in the Flea Market located at Mardi Agro Exposition Park. The Flea Market operates from 9am till 11pm on every Saturday.By visiting the Flea Market, HB might find cheap and suitable Handphone as the replacement.
As we walked up to the Flea Market, the go cart were seen. Not to my interest.
Dark clouds are forming when we make our way to the Flea Market.Besides hunting for handphone thus it helped HB in exercising by walking uphill.Either walking uphill or downhill are far more safer than cycling down the sloop and especially alone at night,sigh!!
Wondered which stalls sell cheap and also latest model handphone with GPS.
Still no sign of handphone except clothing, crocs shoes and other items.
Since there wasn't any stall with handphone, PS found hers. Mixed fruit with chocolate dip.Very cheap and reasonable . Per stick @ RM1.00
PS enjoyed herself dipping into the chocolate fountain.Kids are kids.

GPS Phone searchers

This interchange will become the historic place as part of HB's life. The sloop which HB fall off his mountain bike and went unconscious.
The spot or maybe backwards that HB tumbled from the bike and lost his short memory on 19th October,Monday night at 1945 hours.
HB walked along the highway in search of his Handphone but in vain.
Daughter and friend joined in the search too.
'That's it, Handphone was confirmed gone forever'.
Biebie went up the sloop to search for Handphone and later returned with a stick instead of HP.Everyone had done their part in the search but Handphone was not found.Bye-bye Handphone, HB will missed you forever.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Night Only,One Night Only.

All the three pix were taken on separate days. It was only a day difference with three different images.Is it magic?
Dinner on 18th October, natural face.
After surgery on 20th October. Transformation on the face.
Metal Plates had been implanted. How much is HB worth now?

Sunway Hospital discharge

Peek a boo, where are you? HB went down to the Dental clinic for his final check up before discharge from the Sunway Hospital
Can you find me? The bed looks so empty. Are you there yet?
What happened to his back of the head? Another injury?
Wow, the billing was killing. HB was appealing for it.
Sorry, appealing not successful.
Transporting HB back to Puchong.
Home Sweet Home. Sleeping like a baby.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cycling, is it a healthy execise?

'An adult bib' was worn to prevent any saliva,I guess.After the treatment from dental clinic.
What's on his mind? Repenting or thinking of the next cycling trip? Huh!!
Treatment from young nurses .
How much will the billing be? Could afford to pay or not?
Ipman and Edmund regular visit.

Aunt from Bandar Sunway and Ipman joining in the conversation.