Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dolphin Watched (Day 2 )

Promotion instant noodles as our brekkie during our stay in Perth.
What a relief, we had reached the appointed place,Dolphin Discovery Centre.
Dolphin Discovery Centre,Perth.
Purchased family ticket and valid for another entry but .....
The difference of photo with camera flash taken in Digital Dolphinarium.
Photo taken in Digital Dolphinarium without camera flash.
Straight left will leads to Digital Dolphinarium.
The embroy of a dolphin.
Few more steps to the sandy beach.
Ended up with a family photo.
Accordingly,dolphin seldom comes during Winter.
Cute sea blue in colour donation box.

9th June 2012

Our vacation in Perth were limited although it's from 7th till 11th June 2012. We spend a night sleeping on board on 7th June.Had Day one, visited the park,Swan Bell Tower and with a blink of eye,it's Day two in Perth. Scheduled to see dolphins for the day.Our first time and gonna be interesting.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The journey continues........ ( Day 1 )

Swan River.
Daughter personal shot.
Couple shot.
Mom & daughter closed up shot.
Family photo with Swan Bell Tower as background scene.
Old Perth Port.
Beautiful sunset scene
Walked till the town area from Swan Bell Tower.
Psze passed the town daily.
Found Seoul BBQ Cafe in the shopping mall by co-incident.
Had Korean food as our first night dinner in Perth.

Took a quick rest,Skype with cousin in Sydney and we continued our journey. Swan Bell Tower was the first visit. The skies in Perth darken by 1700hours and shops are closed too except a bit later on Fridays.