Monday, November 30, 2009

Kuala Selangor Seafood

It was Ipman's birthday celebration hence he invited HB,PS and I along for the dinner We left the house at half past four for Kota Kemuning to fetch a friend to Kuala Selangor. HB took the Alam Setia > Meru > Kapar > Kuala Selangor.Kuala Selangor is only a small fishing village but with sumptuous, cheap and reasonable seafood.Saw Jetty Seafood Restaurant located at the end of the pix.

Before we step into the Jetty Seafood Restaurant, we looked around the 168 shop. It sells lots of dried anchovies, salted fish, keropok and other dried items.

The address and map leading to Jetty Seafood Restaurant.Though it's far, coming from KL or PJ but the delicious food is worthwhile.
The side view of the Jetty Seafood Restaurant.
PS and I took a pix to announce that both of us were here too to enjoy the scumptous food.Yummy yummy!
As we walked inner the lane, more shops are selling the dried items. Bought anchovies, salted fish while PS insisted HB to buy the layered jelly for her.
It's almost dark. The Sun had set.
Sunset watching is always the best. So calming and beautiful.
Believe me, all of these seafood were delicious. The pricing is cheap too.

Stitch Appearance in Sunway Pyramid

Stitch from Disneyland came to Malaysia to meet its fans. First venue was Sunway Pyramid on Nov 27th. PS joined in the fun in taking parts into the various games provided on that day.For Upin & Ipin section, was the bowling game.

Registration counter to meet Stitch. Tag and entrance pass was given for fan to have a shot with Stitch on the stage.
In the Phineas and Ferb games, two songs were played on the screen.Later the songs were replayed and it's time for the kids to answer the following lyrics. PS won a towel as the winner in her second time playing the games.
At every court, a lady was seen being caged. So pitiful.
Besides Sunway Pyramid, I wished everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy 2010 New Year!
BTW, I found this little girl which kept staring at me. She was lost. Later took her to the crew of the promotion at one of the court to make an announcement for missing kid. After seeing her parent came to the stage to claim her, we left.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Growing Up in different stages

When I became a mom to my 4 years old daughter in the year of 2002, knowledge of Barney, the imagination friend for the kids needed to be known.Followed by other characters like Elmo, Ernie, Rubber Duckling and Cookie Monster showed in Sesame Street. Not forgetting a show which was called 'Teletubbies' too. PS's liking changed to Barbie Dolls in her later age.By the end of her Primary 3, I've packed up all of her Polly Dolls and the Disney Characters into the build- in wardrobe as souvenirs.

Starting from 2008, PS managed to get HB to purchase Morgirl's bag and T-Shirt. Because of the daily usage therefore PS's handbag gave way. On Nov 27th ( Hari Raya Haji), we were at Sunway Pyramid after eating the famous Prawn Mee in Paramount Garden. PS took HB and I to three different shops in Sunway Pyramid selling the same items bearing different brands. I didn't know about these shops until PS made it known to me.

GIRLS was the first shop that we went into. After spending 5 mins there, we walked out from the shop due to the over-rated price.
Sasha was another shop selling the same items. Because the discount given in Sasha's shop was only 10% hence PS decided to replace her handbag from Morgirl's shop
This is Morgirl and it's having sales on that day. The discount is from 10% -50%. More customers are seen in Morgirl compared to the two shops.
PS chosen the purse @ RM19.90 but with the discount of 50%
Accessories were purchase to add to PS's liking. Another 50% item @ RM6.90
Morgirl's logo to be purchase and hung onto the bag. Selling price RM3.90 at a discount of 10%
Closer view at the Morgirl. Sweet pink lady in style.

Friday, November 20, 2009

MalFreeMaps Meeting

The long awaited and planned day is finally here. HB and friends had been talking and planning about this meeting day since few months ago. What are their plans? God knows! It's the MalFreeMap 1st meeting in Melaka. The venue is at Old Taste,Melaka. Numberous members turned up for the meeting too. A big cake was brought by a member.

Each of the member are seen busying away with their own chores.
One of them started off by putting up the banner. Looks like a big event, isn't it?
Finally, we are able to see the well organised banner and read it.
From the images, I could say that these guys must be having a nice time.
Not one man but many men at work on the table.
Another pix of MFM meeting taken from far.
Still wondering what are they discussing so far? Do you have any idea?
This girl was camera shy out of a sudden but after a few persuasion by me, she overcome her problem.

See! PS is already posing.

Bandar Puteri's Dim Sum Breakfast

Besides being a Saturday and school holidays had started yet it gives me no excuse for waking up late. Instead I had awake at 6.30 in the morning for the preparation not for school but for the breakfast gathering with HB's friends in Bandar Puteri at 7.30am. It was none other than Dim Sum again. The shop is called Wa Yan Dim Sum (in yellow signboard). Also a few doors away from Secret Recipe of Bandar Puteri.

Below are the Dim Sum ordered on the morning. It caterred for 6 paxs with the bill amounting to RM82.00 after 10% given by the boss.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012, what does it mean to you?

IOI GSC had moved from old to it's new wing. Normally, I disliked going to the cinema but because of the new environment therefore, I've decided to accompany HB and PS for at least one time for a movie on last Saturday. With much co incident, the most talked about movie or rather much awaited movie is also screening '2012'.

Patrons for 2012 were entitled for a free tote bag with the purchase of combo popcorn and drinks.
Watching a movie in the cinema wouldn't be complete without the popcorns and drinks. And because PS longed for the tote bag hence we bought the combo which has the free tote bag. It was the large popcorn and two drinks which amount RM8.50
The movie 2012 was screen in Hall 2 therefore we waited for the number screen to changed to it's respective number.
As the escalator brought us up, Hall 2 was just ahead of us.
PS was directing HB it's way and also commenting the new environment of GSC
Only a handful of patrons were in the Hall due to the early time.
The movie 2012 started at 3pm and lasted till 5.40pm. Huge crowd were leaving the IOI Mall using the escalator.It was a nice movie but because of the extremely loud speakers, it ended with me having headache till the following Sunday.I told HB and PS that it's the last time that I'm going to the cinema.

Could it be the monsoon rain?

Last Thursday, Nov 12th 2009, as PS and I were doing our daily revision , suddenly loud thunder was heard from the living hall.It had been raining daily for fortnight but we never imagined that the rain was worst than cats and dogs.
I got so frightful of the loud thunder and without hesitating , switch off the broadband and other electrical appliances. The rain on that day looked like monsoon rain with strong wind blowing .
Somehow, I felt safe knowing that at least PS and I were at home under a shelter rather than being wet.Home Sweet Home!
Due to the heavy rain, there were massive traffic jam .