Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weekly trip to Puteri Mart.

Everyone who lives in Puchong will know the location of Puteri Mart. It is clean and easily to shop for groceries,vegetables, seafood and many more under one roof.

In deep thinking.
Colourful fruits are brightening.
Radishes look so red and cheerful.
Various green vegetables for health.
Green vegetables definitely look green with it's word.
Nice shot, could be use as wallpaper too.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dinner at IOI Boulevard,Puchong

Hubby, PS and I were nearing the IOI Boulevard thus we headed for the Cone pizza for our dinner that night. First attempt dining in the restaurant and we wanted to give it a try to either recommend friends in the near future or to give comments. The restaurant is along the Rashid Hussain Bank aka RHB .

PS had chosen spaghetti as her meal.
Holding on to the spaghetti before taking the shot.
A real relief in enjoying the first bite.
Different version of spaghetti for hubby.
Lastly the set of cone pizza with tuna topping, a bowl of cream mushroom and toasted bread with cheese spread onto it.
A closer look at the cone pizza.The outer part looked crispy and taste as it.
The restaurant looks clean and quiet. Nice place to dine or meeting.