Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FRIM, here we come

"We will be going to FRIM this Saturday, Sept 26th", that's the statement from HB to PS. So eventually after the Saturday's lunch when we arrived at our doorsteps, HB's friends were waiting for us. They waited for almost half an hour under the tree. Felt so bad for them.Will be more punctual in our next appointment.
For the FRIM trip, one mountain bike in the car boot and two more bikes on the carrier.
It was my first time to FRIM aka Forest Research Institute Malaysia. Thought that FRIM is full of greenaries , forest, cycling and jogging pathway but I was absolutely wrong when I saw SK Kepong aka Kepong Primary School in front of where HB parked the car.
Time for HB to unload the bicycles down from the carrier. After the two bicycles were loaded down then needed to take Biebie's bike out from the car boot to be assemble again.
PS and Biebie were warming up while HB was still busy with his adjustment onto his mountain bike.
I'm wondering what HB are doing which took him such a long time to start their ride.
Finally, father and daughter were all geared up for the bicycle ride. Oh yes! 10 minutes later, HB accompanied PS back to Tina and me when we had started our walk.PS couldn't go along with the men as PS felt tired with the track that they were using.
It struck me that maybe these old building was once lived by the British in Malaya.
As Tina and I continued with our walk, it was getting cooler with the shady trees and these houses were emptied for ages.The picture became clearer that these resident houses were once lived by the British because they are fond of nature.
The Sebasah Trail for those jungle trekking.
Three of us, PS, Tina and I were exhausted. Along the way, we spotted the banner which reads 'Malay Tea House, classic meet modern'. Soon we reached our destination to have our drinks.
This way to the dining area. Very spacious .
We've chosen this table to have our drinks. Tina and PS being my models.
Antique plates on display.

Huge labu aka vase displayed in the hall besides other small decoration.
Antique speaker
My grandparent used to own one of this antique radio but no idea where it had gone to.
It was quarter to eight in the evening when we left FRIM. Massive jam on the drive way along Kepong. We headed for Mutiara Damansara's restaurant. Had Indonesian Authentic Nasi Padang in Restoran Sari Ratu. The restaurant were crowded with all kinds of people.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ogawa massage chair Smart 10

Ogawa massage chair had been with my family since 5 years ago. Somehow lately, because of it's long serving to it's owner therefore it had started to deteriorate. One of the air bag on the right calf burst and Ogawa technician came over to my house to repair after the long fortnight complaint.
The back of massage chair needed to be service with some oil because an irritating sound could be heard when the machine is on operation.
Not a clear shot. Wanted to show a close up photo of the back. Exactly alike robot doing the massage job for humans.

Bicycle outing on 22nd September 2009

Take a wild guess. Do you know where is this lake???The water looked calmed with the serene beauty too.
HB had wanting to purchase the above bicycle carrier for his car a month ago. Many thoughts alike will the carrier perform it's job, will the car suffers scratches and others. But the main reason of all was due to the frequency of dismantle in his mountain bike and causes the gears in his bike went off the alignment.Hence, after breakfast on the 3rd day of Raya, we dropped by the newly open bike shop in Bandar Puteri. HB paid RM230.00 for the carrier after the usual bargain.
With the newly bought bike carrier, HB was able to bring along his mountain bike and also PS's. She was glad having to follow along to Cyber Park with HB, Biebie and not forgetting me.HB and Biebie had planned to cycle around CyberJaya while PS and I remained in the Cyber Park.Don't worry about the parking space as there's ample parking and this is more important which I would like to convey here. The parking is FREE of CHARGE!
As PS and I were going into the Cyber Park, there's a signboard for visitors or first timer to know the location of Cyber Park.

PS couldn't wait any longer than to ride around the park. Besides cycling or jogging in this park, I'm sure kids are going to enjoy themselves with the huge playground at the back scene.
The gigantic playground will make our kids happy. It's the kids heaven.

More riding to burn out the fats in the body.
Spotted many Arabian picnicker rebonding under the shady tress with their families. Park fully equipped with tables and chairs.Thumb Up! Yeah!!

PS cycled out from the park while I was walking as we left the drinking water in HB's car. Besides the car park was another huge clock and it is still working well. Everything in this Cyber Park seemed to be huge. PS and I continued spending time in the park until 7pm. Passed 5 minutes, HB and Biebie were back from their cycling trip. We then decided to have our dinner in the restaurant located nearby the CyberJaya bus terminal.Can't recall the restaurant name .

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rumah Melayu Melaka aka Malacca Malay House

The exploration continued after viewing the Hang Tuah's Well in my earlier blog.As we walked around the place, we found this Tradisional Malay House situated at the back lane.It was well kept for free of viewing too.
The 'tangga batu rumah melayu melaka aka concrete stairs of Malacca malay house' hardly be seen nowadays.
Before going into the hall, PS was trying out with the gong as her 6 years old cousin looked on.
A step after we were in the living hall, on my right was this stairs leading to the anjung aka attic.With such a steep stairs, I daren't climb up to the attic but HB and PS did so.
Varieties of Baju Kurung were hung on the wall of the living hall. On the left, there's a bedroom where the vase of flowers stood.
The malay tradisional bedroom will be as in the pix. Once again, PS and her cousin ( don't know how her name was spell therefore couldn't type it out in blog, sorry) took shot as remembrance.
As we go further, another bedroom with antique decorations.
At the side corner leading to the kitchen, antique kitchenware were decorated.
More decorations. Fully antique all the way.
The dining hall.
In the kitchen, batu lesung was then replaced by blender in this era.

My mom used to iron my siblings school uniform with the antique iron. Charcoals are put into it .
HB, PS and her cousin were leaving and I'm still in the tradisional house taking photos.
Rated nicely maintain, clean and entertaining.
Such a huge 'tanduk rusa' in front of the tradisional house.
The dragonfruit is turning to red in colour. Can be eaten soon.
Besides the tradisional house, rows of dragonfruits were planted. Kampung folks make good use of their land.

Melaka and it's historical places

It's been ages since I've tried this laksa. Southern part of Malaysia term curry mee as laksa. The vendor had changed and so was the shop. Lucky though the laksa tasted delicious. Will make a come back. Thumb up!
Next, HB drove to see Makam Hang Tuah aka Hang Tuah cementery. PS invited her cousin along too. She was from Penang and her mum was my SIL.
The pathway leading to Makam Hang Tuah. Neatly kept.
There were other graves too on the right side of the pathway.
Explaination onto it will be provided later. Not today, tired.
Before entering the Makam Hang Tuah was this monument.
HB, PS and her cousin were reading the history of Hang Tuah. Notice the unique graveyard of Hang Tuah. It is the longest.
Adjourned to Perigi Hang Tuah aka Hang Tuah's Well.

Some people believes that the water from the well is holy and therefore they will pour the 'holy' water onto their whole body.
Closer shot of Hang Tuah's well. Not forgetting that there's also a walking distance motel for tourist.