Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's your favourite thing?

I'm sure everyone have their favourites. Favourite person, favourite food, favourite place?Which is which and it could be all,right? But for now, my favourite place as seen in the pic is at the corner of my house. That's where I surf the net and do my blogging too. In fact, this blog was written from that corner.
Another pic of my favourite corner. That's where I'll be during the mornings.
This red Raleigh bicycle is less than a week old. HB bought it on last Sunday for PS from the bike shop in Puchong Perdana at RM450.00 It's reasonable and affordable. Trade in PS's old bike for RM50.00 Now, PS's favourite is her new bicycle.

Babies to adulthood

Photos were still in black and white in 70's. None owns any camera at home. Probably,couldn't afford in that era.
Need to snap a pic ? Have it done in the photo studio. Parents will always take their kid to the photo studio in the olden days for a snapshot.The best that I could find. It was a sample photo by the indication of number stamp on it.
Thing changed in 90's. Parents got to own camera and the pic was coloured too.Need not to wait till the child grows up . Pic taken anytime and anywhere. Newly born baby in the pic taken a few days after birth.
We can't predict the future as who will we marry and be our child when we grew up. The three of them in the pic are family. Father, Mother and Child.
Everyone has grown up. Now, the picture looked more clearer.HB is the dad, TK is the mom and finally, last but not least, PS the child in the family. It is indeed "A Small Happy Family" !!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pergola had aged

This aged pergola was build in 2005 and it has started to give way.One side of the top wood had dropped down last year. Thankfully that nobody was injured. More plants were hung onto the pergola when it was newly completed. Due to the aged hence only few plants were hung on the safer side of the wood.
Previously, I will buy some plants back from Cameron Highland whenever I visited the cozy highland. The flowers were blooming so beautifully. Due to the climax in low land therefore all the beautiful flowers wilted and includings other greenaries too.Except the orchid plant as in the pic shown. It's still serves so faithfully to it's owner. No hassle in taking care of it. Just water in the morning and water in the evening. Task is done.
Not only is this orchid plant gives no problem but it blooms twice per year. The flower will last for a week and smell nice. Always like to go near it when it blooms to get the smell of it. Take a closer look and notice the small bud which is soon blooming. Will capture another pic when the orchid plant has bloom totally in my next blog. Hoped that I'll remember to do that.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pulau Perhentian (III)

The Deluxe Sea View that we stayed looked misty after the heavy rain on yesterday night.
The sea was calmed and felt the breezy and coolness.
PS getting her last chance of playing in the water. She was looking for sea shells and beautiful corals.
Double checked these tickets as be needing to show the boat man before boarding in the speed boat to take us back to Kuala Besut at 1200 hours.
Looking out into the sea for the final time before packing for departure.
Not satisfied in viewing therefore I snapped this view to bring home as rememberance.
Took the speed boat at 1130 hours then we got the opportunity to go to Fauna Chalets as boat man needed to pick 9 passengers up to bring them to Kuala Besut. To my discovery, Fauna and Flora Chalets are side by side. No jetty for these chalets.
HB and PS waited patiently in their seat for the arrival of the nine passengers.
This is the way to board the speed boat for tourists staying at Fauna and Flora Chalets. Passengers will have to climb up the man made wooden stairs to board into the speed boat.
Take a look at the passengers boarding the speed boat.So inconvenient. Luckily, the Abdul's Chalets have a proper jetty to pick HB,PS and I up.
On the returning trip, PS got to drive the speed boat. Is it safe then?
Had reached the Kuala Besut's Jetty.
Reached at 1221 hours.
Heading for the souvenir shops.
From Kuala Besut, we walked to the bus station. Missed the public bus and next alternative was taking a cab. Cab driver wanted to charge RM50.00 for driving to Kota Bharu's town.A couple agreed to share the cab fare equally among the 5 of us. Had to bear with the hot air because the cab's air cond was out of order.After taking an hour drive by cab to Kota Bharu town, we came to Laman Siti Khatijah for our lunch. HB ordered Mee Ratna, PS ordered Tomyam Bee Hoon and Fried Kueh Teow for me. Drinks were ice lemon tea, air sirap aka syrup water, ice tea. Total amout was RM16.00. Very costly for the kind of food and drinks ordered. We were 'cut throat' by the vendor knowing that we're tourists.Unfair!
The famous market aka Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah. All the vendors are women.
View of the Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah.
Upper floor consists of textiles for sale.
Variety of kuih muih aka cakes found inside of Pasar Besar Siti Khadijah.

HB and I waiting for the Air Asia flight back home to LCCT. Flight time was at 1700 hours and touching down at 1755 hours.
Saw KL view and especially the tallest tower aka Petronas Twin Tower from the window. We had reached home safely.

Pulau Perhentian (II)

Was awaked and went out of the chalet to check the view of the sea at 0700hour. The beach looked quiet and blue. Most of the souls are still soundly asleep.
The Perhentian jetty looked quiet too.
Was at the jetty admiring the corals and reef fishes then suddenly these two human caught my attention. HB and PS were having fun and trying to warm up before they go for their snorkelling trip at 14oo hours
Lots of speed boats bringing tourist from and leaving the island.
As I was blogging from the room, another speed boat stopped at the jetty for tourists to get down.
HB had kueh teow mee goreng , PS ate nasi goreng kerabu and I had nasi goreng malaysian style.
The map of the snorkelling trip. Adult @ RM30 and F.O.C for kid. Therefore PS went along with HB for his snorkelling trip as she didn't need to pay even if PS refuse to jump into the water.
The front view of the Jetty Taman Laut Pulau Perhentian.
During HB and PS's snorkelling trip, they saw lots of colourful reef fishes.
More of other fishes in the sea.

HB up on the water level after snorkelling .
PS was floating on the water level after seeing lots of reef fishes and corals
All kinds of face gesture after the long wait for the dinner to arrive.
Sunset view on the trees .
Sun was finally setting down and covered by the jetty. After our dinner, went back to our Deluxe room. Before midnight, it started to pour heavily.Raining cats and dogs.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pulau Perhentian (I)

KB's airport aka Lapangan Sultan Ismail Petra. Air Asia finally touched down at 0855hours from LCCT. Departed at 0815hours. The flight was delayed from it's actual time of taking off at 0730hours.
Passengers are eagerly waiting to claim their luggages.The airport taxi fare to Kuala Besut was costly RM70.00, so we decided to walk out of the airport area and took other cab from there. After much bargaining, the cab driver and HB finalized at RM60.00
The journey from the airport to Kuala Besut took an hour .Passed a small and narrow bridge on our way to Kuala Besut.The bridge was so narrow and only a car could pass through at a time from either direction.But another new and wider bridge on the left had started it's contruction. Oops! forgot to snap pic of it.
On the way to the Jetty, bought 5 litres of mineral water RM6.00 and three buns. HB's friend 'J' from the forum was waiting for us at the entrance of the Jetty.Apparently, HB booked the chalet and boat from 'J'.
We are the first to board the speed boat. Got ourselves a nice seating position.The speed boat will takes half an hour to reach Perhentian Island using two motors engine.The sea was calmed during the journey.
Perhentian Island's Jetty looks clean and new. After reading the date of the official opening on the board, it answered all.
Not only was the Abdul's Chalet toilet clean but very spacious too. Only there's no shampoo, body foam or bar soap supply by them. It wasn't a problem for me as I've always packed all of these items in my toiletries bag wherever I go for holidays.BTW, towels are supplied.
Paid RM180.00 for this room aka deluxe sea view.
Food in Perhentian Island are costly therefore we packed all of these food along with us.The cup noodles are for breakfast. As there wasn't any flask in the room, we paid RM1.00 per jar of hot water.
Calm and relaxing view from the balcony of the deluxe sea view in Abdul's Chalets.
Our lunch were nasi goreng malaysian style consists of an egg on top, tomyam bi hun and nasi goreng kerabu @ RM7.00. Then for the drinks , ice lemon tea @ RM5.00, can of coke and pepsi @ RM2.50
Upon reaching the Perhentian Jetty, while walking along it heading for Abdul's Chalets, this coral caught my attention. The clear water enabled me to view the corals and fishes like an eagle eyes. Later, HB told me that this coral is the biggest among all .
The Perhentian Island Jetty. Noticed PS from far feeding fishes.
I couldn't resist the nice scenery and so another shot taken from the Jetty on the Deluxe Sea View Chalets.
Got PS to be my model for the day.
Abdul's Chalets souvenirs shop.
Abdul's Chalets reception and also cafe.
Deluxe Sea View No.7 was stayed by HB,PS and I from July 17th until July 19th 2009.
When I was resting on the balcony's chair viewing out to the sea, this cute toddler playing alone got my attention.
Jetty from other side of chalet.
There's staircase leading to the JP Palace Chalets. PS and I continued with the trail while HB was doing his map tracking.
PS found a swing to sit on but only a while as we were heading for another chalet along the beach.
The end of trail along the beach. Over the other side was the shark watching area.Walked back to Abdul's Chalets to venture the other part of chalets. There are Tuna Bay, Cozy Chalet, Coral Bay and others. From Cozy Chalet, did jungle trekking over to the other side. Leading out to Coral View Resort. It was almost dark when we were on shore. Could see Coral View Resort from shore but needed to head back to Abdul's. Walked along the sea next to the rocks. The sea was calmed and tide was low.
Found lots of sea cucumbers in the water.
Corals are found over here too.
HB holding on to the sea cucumber for my pic.
Clearer view of the coral taken from HB's hand phone camera.
Candle light dinner on the beach. Had sweet and sour baracudda @ RM12.00, Squid with sambal belacan aka Chilly squid @ RM 10.00, Vegetables curry @ RM 6.00. The curry was delicious. Also three plates of plain rice @ RM2.00 and a large bottle of mineral water @ RM3.00 Such an atmosphere reminds me of dining at Jimbaran Bay, Bali.