Thursday, March 29, 2012

Going Home - Day 6, Part 6

18th March 2012

Still dizzling outside and we made our way to Aqua City to have a look around the emporium. PS went inside a Disney outlet while HB and I sat on the benches waited for her. Then, we proceeded to the top floor to hunt for food but in vain as the food was too costly in every restaurants. Without giving up, we went to the ground floor, where the food court is. PS and I agreed to share curry rice as the portion was huge.

HB wanted to eat Udon with tempura.
PS been wanting to eat crepe and her wish been fulfilled.
HB walked over to snap the night view of Statue of Liberty for the last time but PS and I waited at one corner. Too exhausted.
The night view of the Rainbow Bridge.
Yet the baggage was heavy but PS smiled.
A station away from Daiba, we got off at Fune-no kagakukan station.Headed for the Tokyo Monorail station.
We purchased 3 nos of PASMO card for individual usage on the second day when we started our sight seeing. We refunded the cards back to the station master and each filled up a refund form.
Oops, this supposed to be after the Monorail ticket. Well this was inside the Tokyo Monorail heading for the Haneda International Airport.
Of course, before we boarded the Monorail, we purchased this ticket for three amounted 470 Yen.
Tokyo Monorail reached Haneda International Airport at 20:16 hours.
The time was just nice for us to check in.
PS was eagerly to go home. She ( in red down jacket ) walked so fast that I could hardly called her to snap with me.
The information center of Haneda International Airport.
It were crowded when we reached the "H" counter. We joined the line for queue under " Baggage Drop-In". Somehow, because there's 4 check-in counters compared to 2 Baggage Drop-In counter thus the line equal up. I wished to thank and compliment the Japanese Air-Asia staff for putting HB, PS and I into the same row of seats. Three of us were on different seatings when HB did self checked in online. The staff realized the different of seatings herself too. Too bad, I didn't get her name.
From wearing Down Jackets, we changed to normal wear as in two other countries which we went for our Winter holidays during last two years.
Wanted to walk straight ahead to the Departures hall.
Okay, one last family photo of Japan.
After checked-in, we strolled around the Duty Free shops.
Even the Duty Free shops area were huge and it still a long way to reach the waiting room No. 133.
The Waiting Room No. 133. The Airport Limousine took passengers from and to the Air Asia plane.
Waiting area.
Haneda to Kuala Lumpur,18th March 2012 at 23:45 hours.
Not a cleared picture. Good-Bye Tokyo, Japan. Sayonara!

Odaiba Seaside Park- Day 6, Part 5

18th March 2012

Among all the days spend in Japan, we realized that lots of Japanese ladies wore "Kimono" today, Sunday. Or is it just by co-incident only.That's a question mark!

Back building is FUJI TV Headquarters.
Shortly, visited Aqua City to see if anything interest us.
Japan, FUJI TV Headquarters but running short of time thus we didn't visit.
Cherry Blossoms along the row below Aqua City's building.
Statue of Liberty.
This statue was made by the same person as in US.
Kept shooting for more and more....
Wondered, hazy or misty ?
Hello there, PS sat down as the baggage was too heavy. Poor girl!
I snapped this photo and my first shot handling the camera.
It's only 17:52 hours and it's dark.
Never get enough shooting with the lady.
During my turn to shot, the sky had turned colour.
Greeting from Odaiba, Japan.

Last Destination,Odaiba - Day 6, Part 4

18th March 2012

Finished shopping in UniQlo in Ginza, went back to Nihombashi, the Hotel to claimed our baggages, walked to the nearby station. We took the subway from the station till Shimbashi station. From there, we changed to Yurikamome line which took us to Daiba station.

The famous Rainbow Bridge. Superb view at night with when lights are switch on.
This Monorail made it's 360 degree turn before reaching the Rainbow Bridge.
We carried our baggages with us as be heading straight to Haneda airport after Odaiba.
Calmness of the sea at this moment.
Upon reaching Daiba station.
Walked toward the Odaiba Kaihin Koen aka Odaiba Seaside Park.
Scenes taken from the Daiba station. Ferris wheel on far right.
Went inside the Aqua City for our last day dinner in Japan.