Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gift,gift and more gift

December was definately the best month of the year for me in 2009. Besides having to enjoy the school holidays where no stress of getting up early to prepare PS to school but there's more to look forward. Early December, I tacked along with HB to Avillion, Port Dickson. It was rated as the 5 to 6 stars resort.
Water chalet, Avillion, Port Dickson.
Then came 10th till 15th December 2009 where we left for the Taiwan trip by Malaysian Airlines System (MAS).
HB bought me the POLO handbag as my 13th year wedding anniversary.
My surprise for gift doesn't stop as during Christmas day, HB bought the 42" Panasonic Plasma TV. Wow, it was nice receiving lots of presents in a months. I felt so blessed.Another 19hour06minutes, the year 2009 is drawing to an end. Then we will be welcoming the new year 2010. May the new year brings happiness and be much better to everyone. Fulfillment in everyone's wishes. HAPPY 2010 NEW YEAR to everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Astro b.yond

December 29th 2009

Astro B.yond are widely advertising all over astro channels. Astro b.yond started it's service on 18th December 2009 in collaborate with my wedding anniversary too. Subscribers need to pay an extra of RM20 for the subscription starting from next April 2010. Astro b.yond comes with HD (high defination) which will gives a better viewing. At present there's four channels ie. Sports HD, HBO HD, Nat.Geo HD and History HD available in astro b.yond.HB submitted his application online for the astro b.yond on 23rd December 2009.Thus the Astro Installer phoned HB up to inform that they are coming to my house at 12 noon to install Astro b.yond

The installer, Leong is up on the roof top, starting to install the Astro B.yond.Old Out-Door Unit had taken by the old man in exchange.
Astro b.yond out door unit is black in colour and bigger in size.
The old out-door unit for Astro.
This is Astro b.yond out-door unit. Looks elegant.
Channels can't be view yet as the smart card is inactive. Installer is connecting the Astro customer service for activation but long queue and took 10minutes.Contacting Astro is always a problem.
See the difference between the old and new (astro b.yond,the one in white) remote controller.
DMT( Digital Multimedia Terminal ) ,smart card, remote control and out-door unit to be given back to Astro through installer.
My present astro b.yond DMT, C575 is History HD
A quick guide on the left and installation guide on right.
The smart card is activate therefore the screen for history channel looks like Blue Ray movie.
Trust me, you won't regret fixing the astro b.yond.
Watching astro b.yond on the newly bought 42" Panasonic Plasma TV is better than going for a movie in GSC. The thrill and fun is there.

Christmas Gift 2009

December 25th 2009

Hohoho, Merry Christmas everybody! I felt so blessed with everything that I had. After my breakfast in the new outlet besides IOI New Wing, HB took us around Jusco to view that all the LCD and Plasma TV. We were also in Harvey Norman in Sunway Pyramid to pick our choices of television and it's brand and we ended up chosing 42" Plasma Panasonic costing RM2399.00 with 3 HDMI.
As we spend most of our time in the master bedroom therefore we preferred to place the plasma tv upstair.The 42" plasma tv might be big for the room but we enjoyed it .
For dinner, we were dining in Alam Suria, a newly open shop "Murni"
PS had Ribena lychee drink as Murni's signature drink.
HB ordered claypot loh see fun.
Wherelse PS and I shared the fried rice with soft crabs, fries and salad @ RM15.00. A memorable Christmas day for 2009.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan,Day One (Part 2)

December 10th 2009, Reached Taiwan Taoyuan Int Airport >Taipei Hostel

Although the flight took about 4hours and 10 minutes but I don't feel the long duration because I was having a good company ie a Taiwanese sitting next to me. Because four of us were travelling, HB requested for the seating position of two by two as not to leave FIL sitting alone on flight.
We reached Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport as schedule.
Due to the shortage of immigration card on board therefore we spend some time filling up the form before checking out from Taiwan immigration. The staff was friendly talking to Piew-Sze and I while checking our passports not like other countries which I've been to including ours.
The temperature upon reaching Taiwan was 29 degrees celcius. Wasn't cold at all as we hoped.Macau was 17 degrees celcius in December 2008 when I was there.
We were waiting for the bus no 33 to take us to Shereton Hotel, Taipei. The fare was NST90. Many travellers are waiting for respective buses too. It's convenient.
The bus ticketing counters in the airport where HB purchased the tickets.
HB and FIL sitting in front seat of us. PS and I were sitting at the last row of the bus which oversees the whole bus.
Along the journey, we managed to take pix of Taiwan petrol kiosk.
Crossing the road where the bus stopped, along the road, Sheraton Hotel is on the right. Straight ahead until the MRT station and immediately crossed the road on the left. Go straight until the apartment where there's a lane in between as the pix below.
It's Lane 5,LinSen N. Rd and walk along the lane.

Taipei Hostel is at the end. Walk into it and take the lift to 6th Floor.

This is my hostel room, No 2. No attached bathroom.
The view taken from the room.
Another view from Taipei Hostel.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan,Day One (Part 1)

December 10th 2009

Normally going on a holiday will be HB,PS and I but for this Taiwan trip was exceptional because FIL came along .It sure need lots of patience to travel along with an elderly person in a trip.Parked our car in Putrajaya Sentral to take ERL to KLIA.

The waiting time was less than 10 minutes when ERL arrived.
Our first shot for the trip.
PS grabbing the poles as ERL was moving fast.
In no time, we were in KLIA, heading for the check-in counter.
Ample time before boarding MH366 to Taiwan therefore we took the train to the satellite building.
Satelliate building has more shop with bigger space than the MAS main building.
Headed back to the Main Building to board our flight.
Various planes model were displayed in the glass.
HB and FIL were behind PS and I to the boarding gate.
The boarding gate was nearby, G10
Though we were already in G10 but more waiting to do before boarding the plane,MH366 at 0920hours. So troublesome taking a plane.
MH366 had touched down KLIA and we boarded the plane to Taiwan
MAS played an alien movie entitled District 9 for passengers on flight but it was a lousy movie.
Lunch served on board. It was fish with white rice, pudding,fruit and a small bun. Never finished my lunch as it's not to my liking but PS chosen curry chicken rice and it was much better than the fish.
The flying time from Malaysia to Taiwan took 4 hours and 10 minutes.