Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Starting of Perth trip, (Day 1 )

A line of fog seen on our way to Caversham Wildlife Park
Strolling around Whiteman Park because parks were closed as it was still early.
Kangaroos were seen at every corner of the park.
The kangaroo was trying to kiss HB's cheek.
Surrounded by friendly kangaroos.
Free farm show, majority audiences were Malaysian.
Photo session with live koala in Caversham Wildlife Park.
Proper way of patting koala.
Nice post from Psze.
Declared that we stepped the soil of Caversham Wildlife Park.
Deep in thought in a quiet and cosy area.
Stopped by at Sandalford Wines too.
Dropped in to Mando Nougat on our way to hotel-
Soft assorted nougat.
Cheap and reasonable Malaysian food for lunch in G'Fun shop.
An addition single bed for Psze.
Sullivan hotel's bathroom

7th June 2012

It was still early when we touched the soil of Perth so we decided to hang around the airport. Our journey began when brighten. Out of expectation, the traffic flow were worst thn Malaysia. Therefore, Hoe Boon decided to detour to visit the Caversham Wildlife

Perth 7th-11th June 2012

Gate T16 and departure time at 23.55hours to Perth,Australia for our school term break holidays. The flight took 5 hours to reach Perth airport from LCC Terminal ie 0515hours.
Australia arrival card to be fill before heading for custom.
Hoe Boon collected Hertz rented car as we were out from the arrival gate.
The Red Roaster fast food was found at any corner in Perth.
Scanning for any available wifi in the airport.
Enjoying the view while brekkie was served.
Brekkie in the airport
Inside Perth airport view taken from Level One aka Departure level.
Another view of the Perth airport.
The skies had brighten and we took shot outside the airport.
Piew-Sze took souvenir of the rental car while I went back to the airport to get help as a car was blocking from getting out

7th June

School holidays were almost over thus we took the 23.55hours flight to Perth for our holidays. Nearing this, none mineral bottle was allowed to board the plane though purchase after check-in. Due to the strict regulations from Australia government thus items are not allow to bring in the country too.