Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back to Msia-Day 6

It was very early in the morning, three of us washed, changed and went down to the lobby. HB gave the hotel key back to the counter while I sat waiting for the cab.

We took Air Asia back to Malaysia and that's the mode of transport which flew us to Indonesia too from the cheap rate.

Before we knew it, we were up in the air again, heading home.

The plane flew higher and higher up...

Journey to Medan-Day 5

Free and Easy in Lake Toba-Day 4

Lake Toba- Day 3

Berastagi to Lake Toba-Day 3

The following day after our mountain climbed, the driver, himself drove us to visit the aboriginal house being shared by 8 families.

The oboriginal person were friendly. The immediately invited HB and I up to their "hut" and we we felt honoured .

Inside the "hut"looks like below. They cook,eat, washed and etc in this area.

Above the staircase behind of us were where firewoods being kept.

The firewoods at a closer look.

Was told by the driver that these people here were poverty.

Next stop was the view of Lake Toba before we take a ferry across the lake. The highest and natural waterfall.

It is Lake Toba, volcanic crater ring.

The waterfall.

Nice scene as wall paper.

Same scenic but with different people.

This is personal shot.
This house was once lived by the King.

HB was curious to see what's inside the house.

I waited down and soon PS joined me.

The driver snapped the family photo for us.

One last photo of this area before we left the place.

A better view of Lake Toba.

The whole lake were once erupted from a volcano and became a lake.

No joke, look at the size of the lake.

The driver dropped us here and we took a ferry across to our hotel.