Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chap Goh Meh

February 28th 2010

Today is Chap Goh Meh which marks the fifteen day of lunar calendar and also the last day of Chinese New Year. Not only that, it is also the last day of February for the roman calendar. During my school days,a party was held to gather bachelors and spinsters together. Having the intention that they might end up being husband and wife.

Full Moon could be seen in the sky. Quite blurr because of the night shot.
It was also a belief that on the night of Chap Goh Meh, bachelor who throws apple into the lake will get to wed good wife and spinster who throws orange will eventually weds a good husband,LOL. I never believe in such a thing. Only an old tradision or maybe not.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

PS (Charmaine's 12th birthday)

February 20th 2010

Twelve years ago, a baby was born in Taiping Medical Centre ,Taiping,Perak. The baby grew up into a toddler, kid and had turned 12years old. That person is Charmaine Tan PS. As usual her birthday was celebrated within HB and I yearly. Small family with small celebration.It's the heart and thoughts that count.

Tiramisu cake was from Baker's Cottage.
Peace to the world and that's my wish.
Sing me the birthday song so I'll be able to cut my cake.
Well....what are we waiting for? Let me have the honoured of cutting the cake.
Simple celebration with simple clothings.
HB was part of the family with daughter (PS) with her birthday cake.
Hooray......I've made my wish ( can't tell or else won't come true) and candles were blown too.
HB helped to take the candles out while PS was enjoying herself by cutting cake.
What's the mischief looks?

Birthdays (Joint dinner celebration)

February 19th 2010

As my birthday was on the second day of lunar calendar so there wasn't any celebration or cake due to the festive season. Partly shops were also closed too. Thereafter a joint birthday dinner were held in conjunction with PS's birthday on the following day. Had japanese steamboat at Shabu-Shabu in Bandar Puteri.

Forgotten to snap pix of the food from the beginning because too engrossed in eating.Sorry.
The soup was too delicious and drank all of it .
The sauces were tasty too. Everything was satisfying.
The controlled switch onto individual seating to set as desired.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

February 18th 2010

Being away for the Chinese New Year celebration in Melaka and Taiping for a week therefore finally we left our last destination for our home sweet home in Puchong Utama. Loaded all the items and luggages to the Honda Civic with the help of GB and Mom. Going back home was almost the best thing of all as being pampered and getting all the help in regardless of the age.Journey started at noon to Ipoh for lunch. Ipoh is another termination area where the good food are found.Throughout our journey back, traffic were heavy.

Definately will know your location even if you don't own a GPS. High rise towers means you're stepping in the soil of Kuala Lumpur.

Able to view the buildings so clearly and it's a hot day too.Am glad that we had reached home.

Perak Museum, Taiping

February 17th 2010

It's our third day in Taiping and thus after our breakfast, we decided to go up to the Maxwell Hill. It was half past eight in the morning when we departed from my parent's house heading for the cooling air of Maxwell Hill.

Along our way to the Taiping Lake Garden and then to Maxwell Hill, we stumbled upon the old and worn out railway coach.
Finally, we were so happy for reaching the foot of Maxwell Hill and went straight to the ticketing counter. But Sun don't shine forever because all the tickets up to the Maxwell Hill were sold out as early as half past seven in the morning. Early birds catches the worms.
Left no choice but only to snap photo as remembrance.
The Maxwell Hill was founded in 1870. A British resident assistant in Perak,George Maxwell build their vacation houses on the hill.
A full picture of Perak Museum.
Last British government of Perak.
PS and I with the Perak State Railway.
Locomotive of Perak
Only half of the Museum were open for viewing because half of the museum were under renovation. The museum is free of charge with no entrance fees.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taiping,Perak,my hometown.

February 17th 2010

For a bowl of cheap and satisfying chendol is definately none other than Angsari Chendol in Taiping. My family and I never miss visiting the shop to have at least a bowl of chendol whenever we're back in Taiping .

Chendol is good for hot and sunny day.

Heritage site in Jalan Taming Sari,Taiping.
Waiting for my fried kueh teow.
Doli kueh teow goreng aka fried kueh teow which is it's signature dish.Located in Jalan Tupai, Taiping.
What is PS trying to indicate? Help needed.
A plate of mee kari and mee rebus @ RM4.00
Signature dish, fried kueh teow @ RM4.00
Taiping Outpatient Hospital in Tupai Road. It was formerly Boys Home.
PS accompanying her grandma in the hall. To strengthen the bond.

Malacca to Taiping,Perak

February 15th 2010

It's a Chinese custom that all married daughter return/visit their parents on the second day of lunar calendar. After returning to Melaka for the reunion dinner and celebration thus HB, PS and I left for Taiping, Perak after taken our home cooked lunch.Upon reaching the Alor Gajah Toll Plaza, there were bumper to bumper queue for existance. Of course, we didn't join in the crowd but instead took the old road. From Seremban, we headed for the North South Expressway and to our disappointment, take a look at the pix below:

We were soon joining the massive traffic jam. Festive jam in regardless of which race you belong to.Being on the road for two hours, we stopped at Puchong, own home for HB to shower and taking a break before the journey moves on to Taiping.
It was half past three in the afternoon and traffic had eased going to the North for both directions.
Lata Kinjang waterfall from the North South Expressway.
Heard the ambulance siren,from our back to the front. The ambulance was rushing to Ipoh which was the nearest destination.
Cars making way for the ambulance to move with the marble mountain as named by PS in front.
Our journey was make fast and smooth by following the back of the ambulance.
By twenty minutes past six in the evening, we finally reached the oldest railway station in Taiping,Perak.Welcome to Taiping, the wettest town in Malaysia!

Candid Camera at MIL's house.

February 15th 2010

Second day of Chinese New Year. The weather was extremely hot. Nobody wished to go for any visiting except to rest inside home sweet home. After lunch, HB, PS and I will be leaving for Taiping, Perak soon. So I decided to take some candid shots of the Tan's family as remembrance for the year of tiger.
Wedding photos,SIL,youngest BIL, BIL (2nd in the family) and HB & I.
HB during his TAR ( Tun Abdul Rahman) graduation for ACCA.
Nephew from Penang (SIL's son)
MIL, myself and SIL.
Nephews from SIL and BIL.
PS and PY (cousins)
SIL from Penang.
SIL from Palembang, PY and I.
MIL ( not in good mood).
SIL making sure her son finishes his lunch.
BIL & son ( like father like son).